Live Review: MSRY - The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 01/07/2018


It’s been months since I last had a chance to head to a show at The Wheatsheaf in Oxford and especially one that is going to fill the room with both energy and mayhem. With how warm the weather has been I knew that being up in the room was going to be one hell of a sweat filled local show. After seeing Msry grow as a band over the last 12 months being a part of their ‘Safety First EP Release’ was a must. 

Opening tonights show were local band Worry, the four piece opened with hardcore vocals which were perfectly accompanied with excellent riffs and heavy beats on the drums that got the crowd moving along. The energy Worry bought up to the table considering the fact it was already turning in a sweat fest, that didn’t stop them throwing down the amount of energy that they did, especially the lead vocalist, who if I’m honest very rarely stayed on the stage. However all seriousness, I couldn’t fault this band for opening the show the way they had, hardcore shows are so fuelled with energy, two steps and head banging and Worry certainly knew how to get the crowd going from start to finish of their set.

Next up were MSRY’s co-headliners MTXS, the band arrived onto the stage each wearing a masks that covered the lower half of their faces, how they managed it in this heat was beyond me but it worked for the performance they were about to put on. MTXS performed their vocals with a slight amount of aggression (but safe to say this band are actually lovely human beings) it worked out perfectly. Within a few minutes of the band going from their opening track, the room was bouncing with energy, the one thing that majorly stood out for me was the way the lead vocalist refused to stand in one position for more than a few seconds. He was constantly in that crowd, but the room was loving it. Every time I looked around fans were banging their heads away to the music. The further into their set it got the more frantic the bass was getting, and let’s be honest is it really a hardcore show if the bass isn’t heavy? Even with MTXS having a brief technical issue, they handled it in such a way that it was almost as if the show hadn’t stopped for a minute. 

Lastly were MSRY, the trio were ready to tear apart the room and you knew it was going to happen, because it’s what this band do best. With all the hype of their EP being released on the 6th July I was excited to see how the new songs were going to sound live, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. After the previous two sets of the night MSRY were ready to headline the venue in true hardcore style. With their Safety First EP being released 06/07/18 the three piece made sure to include a few tasters of what was to be on the album. The moment the band strummed their first chord the crowd were ready to go, with constant two steps and mosh pits being created in such a small space it showed just how the rest of their set was going to go. There are two things that stand out with this trio, one is the fantastic light show and the other is the way that they interact with the room, especially as vocalist Kial very rarely stands still and makes sure that he is constantly on the go during their performance, whether it’s him creating a split between the crowd just so he can run down the middle of them, however is it really a MSRY show if the vocalist isn’t running around topless? As soon as the set came to a close the band thought they were done, the crowd wanted more even though it was already a sweaty and hot show that didn’t prevent MSRY giving the room the encore they wanted and played Broken Teeth for a second time around, and it was even better than the first time they played it tonight. In all honesty if the EP release show is anything to by this band are certainly onto much bigger things.

Words and Photography by Heather Lowe