Black Futures - 'Trance'


Black Futures are a band that are quickly building quite a fanbase, with their chaotic shows
filled with hazmat suits, brash instrumentals and some of the craziest moshpits around; no
doubt they will be a band on everyone’s lips in the next few months!! ‘Trance’ is the name
of their newest release, it is a gutshot of pure sonic insanity; following on from their
previous releases ‘Riches’ & ‘Karma Ya Dig!?’ this fits in perfectly with their iconic sound!!
The chorus is a upbeat summery sounding place, whereas the instrumentals in-between call
for a much more brutal heavy hitting sound that really takes your breath away!! This one is
going to turn venues into warzones that you’d be lucky to survive, in the nicest way

The bands new EP comes out October 5 th and includes the three other tracks that may have had
a slight makeover, Check it out!!!

Words by Joe Dick