GRAACE - 'Last Night'


After previously co writing and performing on Hayden Jame’s single ‘Numb’, GRAACE has finally revealed her wonderfully honest new track ‘Last Night’. 

GRAACE is the proud owner of a raspy yet sweet sounding voice that sings, what seems to be words straight off of the pages of her diary. Much like the person she sings about, the song disguises itself as a warm feeling when in reality, the words slice through you, whether you came in close contact or were someone like the protagonist, it definitely speaks to most. 

The songs features a simple but affectively stripped back piano, an oscillating tempo that highlights the intimacy of the lyrics and the deeply moving message. 

Having tested this for both deep listening and back-ground noise, I can safely say that it is perfect for both. I look forward to the new releases from this entrancing new act.

Words by Jesse Wells