EP Review: Saltwater Sun - 'The Great Deceiver'


Saltwater Sun’s latest EP ‘The Great Deceiver’ is a sparkling and snappy three track number that’s sound looks across the Atlantic and lyrics look into the soul. The Reading based band may have grown up just west of London, but their musical heritage is distinctly Stateside.

Opener ‘Trying’ kicks things off with intent, the guitars screeching before switching into a tightly constructed slice of indie pop. The influence of glossy yet authentic feeling US alt-rock is clear, making them the natural choice as support for Jimmy Eat World. The title track has a West Coast feel that lives up to their beachy name. More Palm Beach than Reading, there’s a hint of Hole about its duelling vocals. It’s about “finding your voice, not giving in to self-doubt and learning to be comfortable in yourself” says frontwoman Jen Stearnes, who manages the topic of self-love in an interesting, genuine way rather than falling into gag-inducing, cheese based empowerment tropes.

Previous single ‘Blood’ continues the EP’s honest feel with an intriguing intensity as Stearnes explores the loss of a parent from a remarkably uplifting perspective, declaring that her late father is “living through me”. It’s this truthfulness and vulnerability that serve as the lifeblood of the EP and push Saltwater Sun skyward as an intriguing proposition as we move deeper into 2019.

Words by Hattie Long