Live Review: Press To Meco - Level III, Swindon 24/05/2019

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Rolling into Swindon on a Friday night the weekend of Slam Dunk is Crawley/Croydon three piece Press To MECO, bringing their brand of inventive and beautifully crafted UK alt. rock sound to the Wiltshire town. Expect big hooks and angelic harmonies soon…

Firstly we are greeted by local outfit The Oxymora who deliver fairly straight forward radio friendly UK rock tunes with a hint of grit and a love for their craft. Guitarist and vocalist Antony Willis’s soothing and soulful voice swiftly becomes the apparent main focal point for the bands music and keeps the early attendees interested and invested as they give us half an hour of honest and enjoyable hits.

I, The Lion cite Biffy Clyro, Reuben and Arcane Roots as influences whilst Punktastic has described them as “original and captivating”, however this reviewer couldn’t tell you of a single memorable thing about their set. No melodies, guitar lines, hooks, moments, nothing. Not a sausage. They try their best to include the crowd as Chris and Elliot on bass and guitar respectively make their way down into the pit amongst the punters to strike up any energy they can before tonights headliners, and fail. 

A band not devoid of ideas or creativity is Press To MECO, having made their name with their lust for riffs and utilising all three voices available to lay down some lush, heavenly vocal melodies. There’s energy exuding from every member complete with constant smiles also, a band who clearly love being on stage and love the music that they play. Luke Caley may be the “frontman” but every single one of them takes centre stage throughout the set as they keep you guessing from one minute to the next throughout the journeys that are their songs. Because this is a warm up for Slam Dunk we get treated to a fairly relentless, non-stop play through of what they are capable of delivering on the bigger stages that are set before them in the coming days.

Words and Photography by Joshua Clarke.

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