Elizsabeth - 'I Choose Myself'

I Choose Myself.jpg

Elizsabeth celebrates self-empowerment on intimate alt pop single, ‘I Choose Myself’.

Elizsabeth’s ‘I Choose Myself’ opens with a hushed, evocative vocal and touching piano accompaniment that has all the allure of an emotional, introspective West End musical monologue, just before a life affirming change is about to occur. ‘I Choose Myself’ is a self-examining cut built from pure vulnerability. Elizsabeth goes through the motions of being broken down and feeling powerless, reflects on the lows and chooses change, chooses growth, chooses to regain control, chooses self-love, chooses herself.

Sonically, this is a really intricately crafted song that is minimal and ballad-esque in all the right places to show off the beautiful vocal, placing focus on the vulnerability in the lyrics. Elizsabeth also channels a timeless sound reminiscent of sophisticated pop and 80s rnb/soul influences and has a touch of the Celine Dion’s about it.

‘I Choose Myself’ assertively builds into an upbeat alt pop groove with contemporary danceability which compliments the tone of the empowerment in the lyrics. Elizsabeth is creating achingly honest, comforting, encouraging and courageous music that leaves its listener feeling inspired to unshackle themselves from whatever, or whoever, is holding them back. Really beautiful stuff!

Words of Karla Harris