Live Review: Lonely The Brave - Omeara, London 13/10/2018

Photo: Carly Mundy

Photo: Carly Mundy

Lonely The Brave make their comeback with an unforgettable show at London’s intimate Omeara. The sold out show of three hundred made for a special evening indeed, as new vocalist Jack Bennett joins the band onstage for a new chapter. Earlier in March, the band announced the departure of former lead vocalist David Jakes due to ongoing mental health struggles, and there was a slight uncertainty about the future of the band. In August, the band return with news of Jack Bennett, aka Grumble Bee, stepping in to fill the role of lead vocalist. As Saturday night rolled around, there was a buzz amongst fans about the line-up, but more prominent was the feeling of excitement to see the band live again after a period of uncertainty. With a long queue forming outside the venue, and many donning the band’s merch, the crowd’s support and eagerness for the night was clear from the outset.

As the band took to the stage, there was a deafening cheer to mark the comeback. There was a slight nervousness present initially, but this was quickly dispelled as the crowd sang along heartily to ‘Backroads’, almost drowning out Jack at one point. With his eyes closed in emotion, Jack was completely immersed in the music and as the passionate notes of the guitar pierced through the air, the atmosphere was electric at once, swept by the narrative of the lyrics. A vibrant energy thrummed through the venue as the band continue with ‘Control’, and despite the lyrics ‘I see that we lost control’, it was clear that the band was in full control of the evening as they dominate the stage. The reaffirming ‘Victory Line’ garnered a host of outstretched hands towards the band, and flashing strobe lights matched the rapidly pounding drum beats as drummer Gavin Edgeley lets lose in a flurry of cymbals and toms.

Moving to their newest album with ‘Rattlesnakes’, the band is cast in a warm orange glow as the first hints of guitar creep in, before the full band come crashing in to deliver an impassioned performance of the track. The pummelling ‘Radar’ brings a driving energy and causes many in the crowd to headbang along, and the high intensity continues with ‘Trick of The Light’. Guitarist Ross Smithwick encourages the crowd to clap along during ‘Deserter’, whilst guitarist Mark Trotter points to the audience during ‘River, River’, enthused by the supportive crowd. Another loud singalong was due for ‘Black Mire’, which was unsurprising considering that this is one of the most popular songs from the band’s catalogue. It was clear that there was a shared feeling within the venue as everyone gave the finger as ‘Fuck ‘em’ was uttered. There was a brief moment of lightheartedness before the band jumped into ‘Call Of Horses’, as someone in the crowd yelled, “I like dinosaurs” to which Jack replied, “I also like dinosaurs”. Mark asked, “Do you like horses?” in reference to the track name, before the band dive into a heart-stopping performance.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Lonely The Brave show if they didn’t play ‘The Blue, The Green’, which made an appearance in the encore, and it was a truly special moment as fans hugged each other and jumped together, demonstrating the solidarity that music can bring to people from all walks of life. Finishing with ‘Black Saucers’, it saw the only mosh pit of the night break out, and left the night finishing on a high. The crowd’s support was evident throughout the night with many calls of ‘I love you Jack’, and the night made it clear that the band are back in strong form, ready to tackle the future.

Words by Athena Kam