The Artist Explains: JAC - 'Holy Water'

Indianapolis-base artist JAC (pronounced Jay-ay-see) talks us through his beautiful visuals for his impressive modern pop single, ‘Holy Water’.
’Holy Water’ is a sensual, slick and sophisticated electronic pop track featuring dark, pulsating electronics, ethereal vocal effects and intelligently crafted lyricism: a combination that is equally as soothing as it is exhilarating.

JAC Explains:
”The video for ‘Holy Water’ was shot outside in Indianapolis at a friend's outdoor pool at night. It was summer but of course it was 55 degrees the night we shot :(. It was rainy and cold but it created a natural steam which was perfect for the overall vibe.

The video was directed by Owen Thomas and the Absorb team. Super talented people. The song is about submission and desire. The song uses two famous stories from the Bible to depict the sexual desires. Adam and Eve and the story of King David and Bathsheba. I wanted to use baptism as a metaphor for giving in to a relationship and casting doubts aside and just letting go.

Budget is always an issue for an independent artist so the use of beautiful imagery was crucial to adding value to something that was relatively inexpensive.The videos goal was to simply capture that swimming feeling and have an element of sophistication and sexuality.”

Interview feature by Karla Harris