Live Review: Joji - Heaven, London 12/12/2018

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Having just released his debut album BALLADS1, Infamous Youtuber turned underground music sensation Joji took to the stage in London’s HEAVEN nightclub for his second UK show and the final show of his first headline tour, we were there to witness this very special show…

With a short twenty minute from collaborator and world class producer Clams Casino before the main act, the crowd were buzzing to see what Joji could bring to the stage! Starting a little late, he took no time to jump into the classics with ‘Will He’ the melancholy bop about seeing an ex with someone new. “I don’t need to know, I just want to make sure your okay” he whispered to the music hungry fans! This was the first song that turned heads and made people realise this wasn’t a joke, he actually wants to pursue a serious musical career; we are all very glad he did!

He continued in very similar fashion, playing all the fan favourites one after another! ‘Demons’, ‘Yeah Right’ and even ‘Head In The Clouds’ from the 88Rising collaboration album; when Test Drive started playing the crowd erupted in cheers from front to back as Joji continued to float around the dimly lit stage locking eyes with the front row! A few songs past and we heard the starting notes of ‘Can’t Get Over You’ which then brought Clams Casino back out to perform the duos collab track from Joji’s album. The two jumped around the stage, grinning like they had won the lottery and finishing the song in a long hugging embrace which obviously got a huge “Awww” from the crowd!

Before long it was the end of the set and Joji and his DJ for the night departed the stage and the lights came up; instantly the crowd began continuous chants tempting the lo-fi crooner back out of the backstage area! Lets just say it worked; Joji bounced back on stage screaming “you really think I would leave without playing this one?!” before sliding into ‘Slow Dancing in the Dark’, another all time fan favourite and musical masterpiece. The iconic video playing on the huge screens behind, it was a visual treat as he sang to what seemed like thousands of fans!

Joji sold out every single date of his European tour in seconds, next time he definitely needs to start looking at much bigger venues and those unlucky few that missed out on tickets, better luck next time as you missed an absolute treat this evening in London.

Words and Photography by Joe Dick

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