Live Review: Jonathan Davis - O2 Academy Islington, London 07/06/2018


Jonathan Davis headlined O2 Academy, Islington on earlier this month, one day before his Download Festival appearance.

In Search of Sun were the support act for the evening and they certainly got the crowd going with their high energy tunes and crowd interaction. The sound in this venue really is great so all acts sounded the absolute nuts! As the band played their set the room slowly filled up with eagerly awaiting fans of Jonathan Davis. One thing that is cool about JD’s fans is that they are of all ages, it’s cool to see people from all generations celebrating the artistry of his music. It was also surprising to me, to hear that the audience was of only 500 people this evening, but then again, I imagine a lot of the fans were going to be attending Download Festival the following day and would catch him there.

Ok, the wait is over and Jonathan Davis’ band (which includes Ray Luzier of his band Korn) walk on to stage and begin playing some eerie, beautiful music. As soon as Jonathan enters the stage there is a huge cheer with people going crazy just at the sight of this massively influential figure in the Metal scene. The set began with opening track from the album ‘Underneath My Skin’ which was well received, swiftly moving in to single ‘Everyone’ and the crowd are with JD 100% singing along and having a blast. He then threw in a track from the soundtrack to Queen of the Damned in which he was involved in the writing of. Other tracks this evening was from the debut album. The night was an overall success, fans not able to wipe the grins off their faces with such an intimate show of the icon that is Jonathan Davis.

Words and Photography by Pete Herbert