Live Review: Thrice - Electric Ballroom 09/06/2018

Thrice - Electric Ballroom - London - 09-06-18-9.jpg

After just announcing a brand new album, Post-Hardcore giants Thrice set out on expansive European tour filled with festivals and huge shows; the first stop was London’s Electric Ballroom…

The room was packed to the brim and everyone was buzzing to see what Thrice had planned for their return to the UK; as the room lights dimmed and a hum of bass echoed through the venue they took to the stage!

Smashing into ‘Hurricane’ right off the bat, moshpits opened up right away and the entire audience screamed the lyrics back at the same volume as the band were playing! Without anytime to relax the stupidly heavy ‘Silhouettes’ turned the room into a warzone, flashing lights, booming bass notes and the biggest pits we had seen in a while!!

Big single from their previous album ‘Black Honey’ was an obvious crowd pleaser, everyone singing and dancing along in unison; equally new single ‘The Grey’ got a similar reaction and showed the band what the UK fans are thinking about their newest venture!

Further into the set ‘Firebreather’ and ‘Death From Above’ set the room ablaze, not letting up for a second Thrice continuously blasted the venue with tune after death defying tune, people were sweaty and excited for every new song that was played!!

Finishing off with ‘The Earth Will Shake’ definitely shook the Electric Ballroom this evening, an earth shattering performance from those Californian hardcore boys, as they set off on their tour of Europe and a quick stop at the infamous Download festival, we wish we could come along and witness the show every night!!!

Words and Photography by Joe Dick