Bryde talks 2000 Trees Festival


With 2000Trees Festival just over a month away, we had a talk with Bryde ahead of her appearance at the festival. 

Are you looking forward to 2000 Trees Festival? We bet you are super excited? 

Of course. I love playing Live but festivals especially mean getting to play to new people who love live music. 

What stage are you playing this year? Is there anyone you are looking forward to sharing that stage with? 

I’m actually doing a solo set as part of their Forest sessions. 

Can we expect anything special for this festival performance? 

I feel like just the setting alone will be a bit special. 

Nothing like playing amongst the trees to make music feel different. Also I haven’t done many solo shows so far this year and they’re always quite intense and about audience connection.

Have you been 2000 Trees before? Any tips for first goers?

I’ve never been to this festival which is weird cos a lot of my favourite bands have played it. My British festival tip is always to bring a few extra pairs of socks and some cereal bars. 

Is there one band everyone should check out this year at the festival? 

Everyone should check out Dream Wife, they’re incredible. I’m really looking forward to catching them, At The Drive in and Blood Red Shoes if I can. 

2000Trees Festival takes place 12th/13th/14th July 2018, to buy your tickets click here.