Artist of the Week #0048 - Susie Blue

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This week’s Artist of the Week is Northern Irish rocker Susie Blue, who has released ‘May Ninth’, the third single from her debut album ‘Didn’t Mean To Care'. The track explores the ins and outs of short lived romances, while also showing us the talents for story telling that comes with Susie Blues’ music. It is an honest track and you get a sense that she would openly pour her heart out to anyone who is willing to listen. You have to admire that amount of honesty with an artist when it comes to their music. Topping it off with an explosive guitar sound that flows throughout, and an emotional self-directed video, this release by Susie Blue has certainly got us excited for what is in store for this girl. 


Susie Blue had a chat with us about the track and her future plans - 


What are the ideas and themes behind the track?

The song is about me seeing a girl at a bar and not knowing whether she is into girls, so waiting for the right moment to talk to her or waiting for her to make a move first. It then tells the story of that love in 3 minutes.


How would you describe it to someone who has never listened to you before? 

It's a gay indie pop track with some catchy riffs and a catchy melody.


Where was it recorded? Any behind the scenes stories?

All the tracks on the album were recorded by the bass player in the band except the two acoustic tracks those were done by the guitar player. We did this album pretty DIY, we recorded the drums in a bar and the synth in my living room and stuff like that, there are a lot of little surprises in most of the tracks.


What made you decide to release around Pride Week?

It's my favourite time of year! so why not celebrate with my LGBTQ+ family by releasing a song.


What are the plans for the rest of the year? 

Well Album is released in october and we have a lot of irish dates happening over the next couple of months, then hopefully a little UK tour is gonna come soon!

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'May Ninth' is out now her highly anticipated debut LP 'Didn't Mean To Care' due for release in October 2018. You can catch Susie Blue at the follow live dates - 

16th July Maritime Festival Derry.

3rd August Bennigans Derry.

10th August upstairs Whelans, Dublin.

24th August foundry Belfast.

30th August Barzu Derry.

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Feature and Photography created by Ant Adams