Elina - 'Wild Enough'


Stockholm based artist ELINA makes her stunning, cinematic, solo debut with, 'Wild Enough'.

'Wild Enough' is a beautiful piano ballad with a soaring, emotive hook seeing ELINA makes herself vulnerable through her lyrics, as she questions her own feelings of inadequacy and how she may be perceived as not "wild enough" for a partner. Deep down the song is rooted in knowing her self-worth and what she has to offer as she laments, "there is so much you haven't seen in me" which allows ELINA take the power back over her own self-doubt.

ELINA's vocal delivery is strong and pure, her tone one that you just want to consume more of as it floats out from affecting piano keys. In spite of the unguarded nature of its conception, the track feels really bold in its heartfelt honesty. Having already established herself as a formidable songwriter working with big names on the pop scene, I'm so glad ELINA has put her own vocal to her songwriting. 'Wild Enough' is an exceptional debut which really shows off the potency of her artistry in the best light.

Words of Karla Harris