Tom Grennan launches Rize Festival in style

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Tom Grennan recently performed a private acoustic show to promote the upcoming RiZE
Festival in Chelmsford and we went along to catch it.

Arriving at Pretty Green on Carnaby Street, you are instantly hit by what an intimate setting the
shop is for one of the best young British singer-songwriters around currently. The venue
(holding no more than fifty people max) consisted of a tiny counter where you could get drinks
from and a stage made up of a living room rug, a three piece drum kit and two microphones
made for an ideal setting.

Grennan kicked things off by starting with ‘Royal Highness’ off his latest album ‘Lighting
’ and did not miss a single beat, incredibly impressive after revealing after the song that
he had just got back off holiday that day. Although he did admit a touch of sunburn on his leg
was stopping him from busting a move or two out while performing. Next on the setlist we were
treated to Grennan’s most popular release ‘Found what I’ve been Looking for’. During this song
I was truly taken aback by the vocal range on display. Not a word was said by anyone during
the song, as people just admired the true, raw talent on show. We then kicked straight into
Barbed Wire’ and ‘Sober’. Both of these songs were stunning. The crowd were swaying and
were all connected through the sheer brilliance of Grennan’s voice.
The set took a short break here for Grennan to discuss the first ever RiZE Festival on Friday the
seventeenth of August and Saturday the eighteenth of August. The festival boasts an
impressive line up with Tom Grennan himself included along with Stereophonics, Plan B, Miles
Kane and “Legend” (as Grennan described him) Liam Gallagher. Taking the line up into
account, I am sure this festival will rise above many as one of the best of 2018.
Back to the show and to end things off Grennan plays ‘Praying’. I haven’t stop listening to this
since the show and that is the highest praise I can give this performance. ‘Praying’ has
everything from a catchy chorus to a funky beat to lyrics you wanna sing at the top of your

This show was excellent throughout and I can’t wait to see Tom Grennan at RiZE festival, along
with some amazing acts.

Words by Alfie Drake

Rize Festival will take place on the 17th and 18th August at Hylands Park in Chelmsford. Click here for more information. 

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