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Brighton indie folk band TYGERMYLK have released their track 'What God Would Keep Us Apart' to coincide with Brighton Pride today. The track is beautifully personal, lyrically and musically, and it will touch any listener deeply when they hear it. We had a chat with TYGERMYLK about the meaning behind the song and if anyone can sort them out a ticket for Britney Spears in Brighton tomorrow?

Your new track 'What God Would Keep Us Apart?" is out now, it has quite a deep meaning to it's lyrics, can you tell us the story behind it? 

When I was 16, I fell in love with an amazing girl. We dated in secret for months because we knew that her parents wouldn’t approve. When they found out, she disappeared for 2 weeks, they had locked her away until she swore to break the relationship off. On our last night together, she asked me to run away with her but I didn’t want to ruin her life as she only had a year of school left. I regretted not being able to be there for her after we broke up and of course you always question decisions like these. It’s the kind of thing that can affect you for years and years afterwards and I found there was still so much more I had to say to her so I wrote this song.

How does it feel to express such a personal story to you to the world in your music? 

Very emotional and then vulnerable. I’ve never really spoken about this event in a public way before but when I was writing and singing it, I felt so strongly that it was an important thing to do - even if it’s just for myself. It’s only my experience so I can’t speak for everyone, but sadly so many LGBTQ people have similar stories and I feel like if one 17 year old going through the same thing hears this, it would have all been worth it.

What is the meaning in the title? 

My girlfriend’s parents said, “It’s not what god wants,” and that line has stuck in my head forever. My argument back is that our love was beautiful and pure and no kind of god would have kept us apart.

Do you feel artists/band from the LGBTQ music scene get the media attention they deserve? 

I’m really happy to see them being celebrated more and more, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to put this song out had it not been for some LGBTQ artists so keep ‘em coming please!

Apart from releasing the single, what are your plans for Brighton Pride?

Beg, steal or borrow a ticket to Britney - if anyone reading this has a way in, hit me up.

Feature by Ant Adams

‘What God Would Keep Us Apart’ is out now and is the first of three singles taken from TYGERMYLK’s debut EP 'I Killed The Bees' which will be released this Winter.