Bury Tomorrow spread the flames with their new album


Bury Tomorrow have just dropped their album 'Black Flame', we chat to vocalist Daniel Winter Bates about the symbolism in their newest creation, and on how their sound has evolved. 


Your album 'Black Flame' has a black flame symbol as the artwork What does that symbolise and how did the concept come about? 

Black Flame symbolises our fans, the spreading of our music and the gaining of new fans and the reigniting of older fans. It’s a community of people that love metal. 

How has this newest album evolved both sonically and lyrically from 'Earthbound'?

I think we took a lot longer and a lot more of a brutal approach to preproduction. We tore songs apart to make them better. We also stepped up production to try add different elements that we’d never tried sonically. Electronic elements have blended the album to create a full body of work back to front.

Black and gold appear to be the band's current aesthetic to match with the colour scheme of your newest album. Why have you chosen these two colours? What are their significances?

They are striking in all aspects. The true juxtaposition of a flame and darkness creates amazing imagery. 

Which track on Black Flame are you most excited for the world to hear and why?

Personally No Less Violent. It’s a hard hitting song it will shock people and get them ready for the entire rest of the album.

What were your influences when you were writing this album? Did the writing process differ from when you were writing 'Earthbound'?

Honestly it was along the same lines, we tour hard throughout the year and so are usually on the road when we write songs, which is really great for gaining influences from our peers. We also spent a lot longer in preproduction to really trim the fat on those songs.

The music video for 'Knife Of Gold' taken off 'Black Flame' has an intriguing storyline. How did you come up with it? Can you explain the story a bit more?

The spreading of the flame is the goal for this album, the man in the Black Flame video has taken on the personification of the flame and manipulating and spreading the dark blackness throughout the world. This is our message and our intent.

One of the lyrics in 'Knife Of Gold' is 'Divide, divide and spread your lies.' What inspired these particular lyrics, and the track in general?

The music industry, it’s many benefits vs it’s many fake moments. People will try and benefit of our music when it suits them which is something that doesn’t sit right with us. 

What do you hope to achieve with your newest album?

To spread across the world musically. We want to reach as many people with Black Flame as we physically can. We want to be touring the world again and reaching places we haven’t been yet.

You will be embarking on a headline UK run later this year - any expectations? What have been your craziest tour experiences so far?

I think it’s going to be insane it’s been a while since our last one but earthbound headline was one of the most humbling and amazing experiences of our career the black flame tour in thinking won’t be any different. We can’t wait to get out there and show people what we’ve got. 

'Black Flame' is out now via Music For Nations. 

Interview by Athena Kam