Artist of the Week #0052 - How's Harry


This week’s Band of the Week is London boys Hows Harry, who this week released their summer banger ‘ Desire’, which is a high speed race down the motorway to get anyone dancing! We had a chat with the band about the track and their plans for the next few months. 

What are the ideas and themes behind the track?

We really wanted to build a more summery vibe - a lot of our music is quite dark in terms of content and the vibe running through it, however with “Desire” we wanted to write a song that perhaps felt a little more optimistic in tone.  

How would you describe it to someone who has never listened to you before?

Upbeat, big drums and guitars - its meant to be uplifting and feel good. 

Where was it recorded? Any behind the scenes stories? 

We record everything from our home studio in South London, we’re all lucky to live together and be able to work from our home. In terms of a behind the scene story, the genesis of the idea for “Desire” started from a loop that Ru recorded for his snapchat, Loz then saw the snapchat and suggested we download the file and use that as the basis of a track; hence the jangly, high guitars that run through the whole song.

What are the plans for the rest of the year?

We’ll be releasing A LOT of music over the next few months so keep your ears peeled for that! We’ve also just embarked on our second tour of the year and will be hitting the road again before Christmas - we’ve been busy boys!

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