Hometown #0002 - SASHA

Photo Credit - Emi O'Connell

Photo Credit - Emi O'Connell

Electric pop Londoner Sasha brings something unique to the table with her latest track ‘Waterworks’, blending together choppy vocal samples and an addictive chorus. We talk to her about going into cake shops in West Hampstead and Pad Thai food. 


You are from the big city of London, what the best three things about the city? 

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with London but at the moment I live near Hampstead Heath which is definitely one of the highlights of living in the city, as well as the massive wealth of opportunity for musicians and all of the people I’ve met here! 

Is there a specific London record shop you like to go shopping in? 

I don't really go to record shops that much (more of a Spotify gal!) but I do love popping into Rough Trade in Brick Lane when I'm in the area.

Where is the best place to eat in London and why? 

I am a MASSIVE foodie so this is a difficult question. I used to go to music college in Kilburn and my favourite place to eat there was this really cheap Thai restaurant called Spicy Basil. They do a really good (and really huge) Pad Thai. And then I also love going to a cake shop called Lola's in West Hampstead with my flatmates (we live a life of luxury that none of us can actually afford).

What is your favorite venue to play in London? 

My favourite venue so far that I've played in London is probably Servant Jazz Quarters- it's super tiny and intimate, and it was where I played my first headline show.

Apart from yourself, is there any other London bands/artists we should be checking out? 

I'm listening to a lot of pop music at the moment- loving Emily Burns and foxgluvv in particular- you should check them out!

Feature by Ant Adams

"Waterworks' is out now on all digital platforms.