Interview - Rosborough

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Rosborough has crashed back into the our ears with his amazing new single 'Fall To Earth', he took a moment to talk to us about the track and how he became a singer. 

Straight in with what may be an obvious question, and I apologise now for all the future interviewers who may ask you the same question, but the name Rosborough is quite unusual, is there a story behind it? Do you actually have a first name?

Its proper origins are around the 12th century, but i just got it when I was born. I my first name is Glenn 

So what led you on the path to becoming a singer?

I've always sang. My house was really musical. Both my parents loved music, my dad was a big record collector and loud music was always encouraged. I started singing from the a really young age but I started playing guitar when I was ten and I've just kind of ended up here

You have very powerful and unique vocals. How and when did you discover your voice and is there a certain level of confidence required in hitting both the low and high ends of the range?

I just like to have fun with it. Theres so many ways to sing a note, it can create such different feelings so i try and use whats best to evoke a feeling. Its not really about singing high or low. I was never really quiet from when i was young so i suppose that counts most towards "practice", but ive never had any lessons.

We live in a very politically charge world these days and on the surface it would appear that your new song “Fall To Earth” is you voicing your political expression in song. Is that a fair assumption?

I didn't want my political stand point comes over in the song more over the point on how society proposes political opinions to you. The way and style we consume media now is like some surreal pantomime, where everyone is a hero or villain and you're either on one side or the other. I find it terribly naive and such an easy tool to whip people up. I suppose it shows just how much influence the status quo of old media is loosing its grip on being the only source for information to the general population, so its using whatever tactics it can to justify itself for existing. People are far more politically aware now, and and seriously underestimated by big media

The video is pretty interesting, there's a lot of nostalgia going on there. I believe you're a bit of a space buff too? Was this the influence behind the video and in part, the song?

I LOVE SPACE! Ive been lucky to have a telescope the past 5 or 6 years and ive had some of my best nights out, star gazing. Every scene in the video actually refers to another passion of mine, which is people who are obsessed with conspiracy theories. An obsession over obsessives! Each cut refers to one, Im leaving it out there for people to decifer, but space is rife with them!

Can you talk us through your song writing process?

Every day im not touring, I'm writing. It's like anything, you'll find your way around it really easily if you practice at it. And there are so many different genres, scales and new sounds to experiment with. For me, its like playing a game. I usually start at 10am and have something done by 5. Just like writings important, its important to be living so youve something to write about, so id be pretty strict with keeping my time separate. I like to keep it fun, go and do whatever interests me that day, and if it doesnt work out, theres always tomorrow

Have you ever had an instance when writing new material and just coming up against a brick wall? Like writers block? If so, how did you overcome it?

I get it all the time. If you're struggling to find inspiration, its probably because you've been staring at the back of your own head for a week looking for ideas. Its really important to get out and live life. Whatever it is that makes you feel good, just fill your boots. You need experience to write about. 

Do you still remember the very first song you wrote?

"If you dont stop this car to let me pee, dad your car will be smelly" *repeat 40 times* me, aged 7

It pains me to say it, but festival season is nearly over. How has your festival experience been this year and what are your plans for the rest of the year?

Its been amazing. Everywhere I've went I've had an awesome reception from people. Gigs allow me to meet some pretty awesome people. The fact that people first go out of their way to your stage but then also go out of their way to tell you how they enjoyed it is just awesome. It really does mean a lot to know someones taken the time to do that. And it's very weird playing somewhere away from home and see people singing along!

Feature by Rachel Prew