Interview: LION

Photo Credit - Bree Hart

Photo Credit - Bree Hart

Having just played a mental sold out show at London’s Camden Assembly, British artist LION (aka Beth Lowen) has released her self-titled debut EP. The four track EP was released via Fiction Records with producer Rich Cooper, it combines deep bluesy riff with big choruses. Once you throw that in with LION’s unique powerful vocals, this EP is just the perfect way to stamp your mark onto the music world.

LION had a chat with us about the release and the writing process for it.

You’ve just released your debut self-titled EP. Can you tell us a little bit about the process of getting to this point?

I’ve been playing shows since a pretty young age and the past few years I’ve been locked away writing. Everything just kind of fell into place after that. 

Do you think that having your brother playing bass and keys on the EP, had an effect on the final sound or is the outcome as you had imagined it to be?

I guess it’s just made it more personal. It’s been wicked being able to share the process with family. We also have a weird, weird sibling connection so maybe that made a difference...

What is your process when it comes to song writing? Do you have a melody and write the lyrics afterwards, or do you always start with the words?

I always come up with melodies first. I feel like they always set the mood for the song and everything else comes after.

Your guitar riffs have a bit of a heavy blues sound. Who inspires you?

I grew up listening to a lot of Dylan, ELO, ‪Fleetwood Mac. They all inspire me for sure. I also love ‪Alabama Shakes! 

Can you elaborate on the inspiration behind ‘Garden’? The stripped back sound really showcases the haunting aspects of your voice?

I wrote this song about a pretty unhealthy love. We were both pretty obsessed with each other it was awesome but it all turned rather toxic. 

What can we expect from you in the next coming months?

Shows, hopefully lots of them. I just wanna play them every day! 

Feature by Tyler Damara Kelly

‘LION - EP’ is out now via Fiction Records