Live Review: Sports Team - Scala, London 19/09/2018


Sports Team are here with the not-so-gentle reminder why guitar bands will never die.

The English Indie scene’s a weird one, ain’t it? It has its moments, but then dies and goes into hibernation for a decade until something comes along that is the spark to it all. Well, I think we’ve found that spark.

A quintessential English Indie band, Sports Team have been relatively under the radar until recent. Coming together in Cambridge during University, Sports Team have been spending much of their time dicing and slicing through the rabble that is the London live music scene. Blending shouty vocals about flip-screen motorola’s and MTV with the classic distorted guitar of any indie band, Sports Team are a well-welcomed late-2000’s indie revival.

Swaggering on-stage like a young Mick Jagger, frontman Alex Rice carries an infinite source of buzzy energy with him. Within minutes, a sold out Scala is up on its feet, moshing and crowd surfing for the entire set. Despite it being against the recommendations of security, Rice clambers on-top of a large stack of speakers and begins to dance and sing their tongue-in-cheek banger, ‘Kutcher’.

Seeing their stage energy and reactions from the crowd with my own eyes, it’s not difficult to understand why Sports Team have been marked for great things.

Words and Photography by Jordan Logan