Band Of The Week #0057 - Human People

Photo Credit - Claire Dorfman

Photo Credit - Claire Dorfman

This week’s Band Of The Week is New York four piece Human People, who’s album ‘Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears’ is out today via Exploding in Sound Records. We had a chat with vocalist/guitarist Hayley Livingston about how the album came together and their plans for the future.

For people who haven't listened to you before, how would you describe your sound in one sentence?

Emotional guitar music with nice melodies

You are from New York, what are the best three things about it? 

Bodegas, good shows happening every night of the week, and all my wonderful friends who live here.

'Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears' is out now, where was it recorded? Any behind the scenes stories?  What are the themes and inspirations in the album? 

We recorded the album at Gravesend studios in the now defunct Silent Barn. Recording it was both super fun and incredibly stressful and once we finally got a good take of one of the songs, we and our engineer, Jesse, all danced around blasting it and swinging our guitars around. The general themes of the album are isolation and disconnect, and maybe self doubt. 

What is the meaning in the title? 

The album title I suppose is just about trying to make something positive from something overwhelmingly negative. Most of the songs are pretty rooted in bad feelings and we wanted to make some sort of light from that.

You are about to head out on tour as soon as the album is out, what keeps you motivated and keeps you from boredom on the road? 

Luckily none of our drives our too bad on this tour. I've never really felt the boredom of the road because you're always in a cool unfamiliar place and I find being in the car with the band to be mostly pretty fun.

The album is out now! What is next for you?

We've got a lot of shows lined up and in the works! We've already started working on new music but it's definitely in the very early stages at this point. Hopefully in the next year we will get to play a bunch more shows and go to cool places we've never been. 

Human People have a run of U.S. tour dates starting Friday that will see the band hitting the East Coast and Midwest.

09/21 Brooklyn, NY @ The Glove (record release show) w/ Thanks for Coming, Stove, June Gloom
09/22 Boston, MA @ The Farm (record release show) w/ Brittle Brian, Prior Panic
09/27 Philadelphia, PA @ Everybody Hits w/ Horse Jumper of Love, Bad Heaven Ltd, Soft Idiot
09/29 Cincinatti, OH @ The Hub w/ Leggy, Cigarette Bums, Lashes
09/30 Nashville, TN @ East Room w/ Leggy, Ralfie, Sam Hoffman
10/02 Richmond, VA @ Cafe Astrology w/ Leggy, Sibyl
10/03 Baltimore, MD @ Copycat, Unit b403
10/18 Brooklyn, NY @ Sunnyvale w/ Thelma, Slow Glows