Band Of The Week #0055 - The Faim


Coming all the way from Australia, this week's Band of the Week is The Faim. They've just released their debut EP 'Summer Is A Curse EP', full of heart-pounding anthemic tunes that are sure to go down well at live shows. The six-track EP gives us a glimpse into the band's life, from the emotional 'Make Believe' into the joyous 'I Can Feel You'. Intrigued, we decided to catch up with the band and find out a little bit more.

You’ve done a lot of touring this year - what are your fondest touring memories?

We make so many memories on tour, the best of them being the relationships formed with the people we meet. From the artists and crew that we tour with to the fans that we meet each night, getting to know so many unique personalities is he biggest highlight of tour.

Having done numerous festivals this year, how would you say they differ from a normal show? Which festival did you enjoy the most and why? What is your most notable festival experience (whether as a performer or as a festival-goer)?

Festivals are different from a normal show in a way that if people aren’t enjoying your performance, they can easily just walk to another tent and watch another band. When performing, you need to engage the crowd every second of the way. My favourite festival so far has been Reading Festival. It has a great vibe and is so easy to navigate your way between stages. My most notable festival experience was the last show of Slam Dunk Festival when the whole crowd was screaming back the lyrics of our song. As this was on our very first tour, it was incredible seeing such an amazing amount of support.

Why did you choose the songs you did for your debut EP?

These songs that we’ve selected for the EP are the ones that are most personal to us, and best sum up who we are as artists. We’ve always strived for diversity when it comes to our music and that’s exactly what you’ll find on this EP. There’s a bit of everything for everyone.

What’s your favourite lyric from the EP and why?

My favourite lyric off the EP is “You can’t close your eyes when it comes”. These words speak of the times when things might not be going as planned, but you still tackle your problems head on. This is very important to me as it’s a huge part of the way I live and deal with decisions in both my career and personal life.

There’s quite a varied sound across the EP, so where would you cite your sonic inspirations?

All of us have grown up with very diverse musical tastes. From classical music and Frank Sinatra, to U2 and Metallica. Our EP is inspired by so many different genres and artists; a few of which including Coldplay, Imagine Dragons and The 1975.

What are the ideas and themes that underlie the EP?

The main idea that we’re presenting through this EP is not being afraid to express yourself and your emotions.

Any behind the scenes stories of the recording process? Were all the songs recorded over in America?

We got deep and personal throughout most of the EP. We wanted to make the listeners feel and relate strongly to the stories that these songs are based on. Some of the songs were demoed in our hometown of Perth, but all were recorded over in Los Angeles.

There’s a reggae-feeling section in your latest single ‘A Million Stars’, how did this come about? Was it a conscious decision made before you started writing for it, or was it just a thought that popped into your head?

We’re very inspired by all genres of music and we wanted to dive into something a little different; something that carries the song but changes into something unexpected.

If listeners were only able to take away one message from your EP, what would you want that message to be?

The message would be that there is a power in the everyday experiences that we all go through. They help shape the people who we become and the life that we live.

Feature by Athena Kam