Introducing #0068 - Working Men's Club


Named after the very place they used to sneak into, Working Men’s Club are our new favourite band, mixing a unique blend of rock with that New York new-wave sound. We have a chat with them about pints and what their hometown Calder Valley, England has to offer.

How did Working Men's Club start?
We all met at college and started Working Men’s Club. Partially out of rebellion, partially boredom but mainly just because we wanted to play with different musicians and make good music.

What is the cheapest pint in your working men's club? 

You are from Calder Valley, what is it most famous for? 
Hebden is the gay capital of the world.

Where was 'Band Blood' recorded? Are there any behind the scenes stories? 
We recorded Bad Blood at the Nave in Leeds with a great guy called Alex Greaves who produced, engineered and mixed the track.

What is your favourite lyric from the single and why? 
“Be Happy when the sun shines” because up north where we’re from the winters are long, cold, dark and depressing and the sun’s a rare sight so when it comes out you should be happy. 

What are your plans for the next few months? 
I think just to play as much as we can and see what happens we’re not too sure yet really, hopefully we’ll release some more music this year but we’ll just have to see.

‘Bad Blood’ is the debut single by Working Men’s Club and is out now via Melodic Records.