Live Review: Jimothy Lacoste - KOKO, London 14/02/19

Jimothy - KOKO - 14-02-19-60.jpg

Camden native Jimothy Lacoste knows how to stand out for the usual humdrum of the music scene, with his strangely complex lyrics and quirky music videos make him a one to watch in the coming year, on Valentine’s Day this year he took to Camden’s KOKO for a very special hometown show…

The crowd was booming from the moment Jimothy stepped on stage, obviously donning a black balaclava and red jeans (the usual Valentines outfit). Kicking off the show with the off beat ‘Car Jack’ instantly showed off what kind of set this was going to be. His exotic dance moves wowed the audience as he bounced around the checker print floored stage, his deep soulful lyrics floating magically around the venue.

Jimothy never disappoints his adoring fans, playing huge hits like ‘Fashion’ and all time favourite ‘I Can Speak Spanish’ which saw Mr Lacoste take a flying leap into the crowd from the stage. At one point, he was joined on stage by his extremely talented sister (Rhapsody) who helped him play another hit single ‘Future Bae’ which was one of the first singles to help him rise to fame.

The last few treats came in the style of new song ‘Burberry Socks’ which if you hadn’t guessed already is about him buying some Burberry Socks and finally huge confetti cannons and hundreds of pink balloons descending from the ceiling.

Jimothy said during his show that even if you’re here with a partner, a friend or even on your own; Valentines Day and this show was for you. Lacoste is an unstoppable force at the moment and if you took anything from tonight performance, it’s that he’s only going to get bigger and crazier from here!

Words and photography by Joe Dick