The Artist Explains: Sam Wilde - 'On the Run' (Video)


Sam Wilde talks us through the visuals of his latest single ‘On The Run’ ahead of his show at Spice of Life in London on the 9th March.

Where was the video for 'On The Run' filmed?
We filmed the video in multiple different locations across Leeds. The first scenes in a good friends house. For the barber scene, we rented out Barber Barber in central Leeds, and by coincidence they had a poker table/bar upstairs, so we were able to film the poker scene in this location as well. The final scenes take place in The Brunswick Pub and Hyde Park Book Club! It was nice to keep everything in the video close to home.

How does the video connect with the song?
‘On the Run’ is basically about overthinking situations, and making things worse in your own head. But then realising that its not all as bad when you hit the problem head on. I wanted to try and portray this idea throughout the video using imagery that I thought represented fear and irrational thoughts and then show how they didn’t turn out to be what, the main actor (Taylor), thought they originally were. 

Any behind the scenes stories?
My Dad was an extra in the barber scene as well as 2 of the barbers that worked at the shop. We were there for so long that my dad ended up getting a full hair and beard cut. He said it was the best hair cut he’s ever had. 

Could you tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
The whole video is based in a dream. The idea was that Taylor (the main actor) was creating all of these strange fears and irrational thoughts in his own head. For example, the no-handed alarm clock, the static TV, plastic food, clowns, being chased by a mob, etc, Throughout the video, Taylor runs from all of these abnormal encounters until he reaches the final scene,  where he decides to put on the mask, join in and have a good time with everyone there, rather than running away. i.e ‘faces his fears’. I wanted to use this final scene and the flash backs to show how he realises that things he has experienced in previous scenes weren’t as bad as what he thought they had been. 

Is there a message the video is trying to convey?
I guess the message I’m trying to convey from both the song and video is, things aren’t always as bad as people think they are or are going to be, so its better to deal with anything thats effecting you rather than sweep it under the carpet or running from it.