Live Review: Dilly Dally - The Garage, London 30/01/19

Dilly Dally - The Garage - London 30.01.2019 - Ant Adams-15.jpg

Despite the freezing cold, Dilly Dally kept us warm by hugging us with their loud grunge hooks when the headlined the Garage in London last month.

The Garage seems a perfect setting for a band like Dilly Dally, with it’s dim lights, and huge use of dry ice for the smokey effect, it is just the ideal environment for them. Starting off their set with ‘I Am Free’, it throws you straight into why Dilly Dally are such an amazing live band. Despite what comes across as a rather relaxed personas, the launch at you with no pre-warning. Katie Monk’s vocals carry all the way to the back of the room, hitting your backbone and riding it all the way up to your neck.

With their second album still fresh in our ears, it would be easy for the band to just plug the tracks from ‘Heaven’ into their set list, so when Dilly Dally thrash into ‘Snake Head’ early into their set, it certainly gets the crowd bouncing. Reminding us of the many reasons why we all fell in love with this band in the first place.

Despite the venue not being sold out tonight, and the crowd low in certain parts of the room (we are going to blame the incredibly cold weather and threats of snow that evening), but the room felt unified and it was a mixed bunch. From older couples to seeing parents their with their teenage children, it was refreshing to see an audience so diverse for a band like Dilly Dally, who let’s be honest are not your stereotypical band to take your mum to go see.

Dilly Dally’s London headline performance was everything you would expect it to be if not more. The thing for me when it comes to Dilly Dally, is that there is no one else like them in my opinion. With the raspy vocals, to the hazy gritty guitars to the hard hitting bass and drums, and they sound fucking fantastic.

Words and Photography by Ant Adams