On Tour With #0012 - Doe

Photo Credit - Andrew Northrop

Photo Credit - Andrew Northrop

Our favorite London three piece Doe head out on their UK/EU tour this February with Neurotic Fiction and Milk Crimes. They had a little chat with us about what crap (literally) topics they talk about on their tour van, and who we should be checking out at this year’s SXSW Festival.

Are you excited about the tour? What is the best bits you look forward to when hitting the road?
: It’s the most obvious thing but I absolutely love playing live, also meeting so many kind people all over the place.
Jake: What Leel said, plus all the meals. Eating on tour always feels like an event in itself to me and I hugely enjoy it.
Dean: What they said + sick nature spots!

What the main tour essentials you pack and why?
: it depends, am I on my period?

What is your best tour experience?
: playing on a moving boat on the 4-band Specialist Subject tour was a highlight. I remember feeling full-on fizzy inside with the excitement. Everyone on that tour was an angel and the weather was unseasonably warm.
Jake: On the last tour we brought our friend Sophie along and we stayed at her Dad's house in a tiny remote Scottish village on our day off. We made spag bol, put on our pj's, drank wine and watched a shitty Matthew McConaughey movie. It sounds dull but it's cute little things like that on tour that I live for.
Dean: So hard to choose BUT touring with the Dogs on Acid/Yankee Bluff lot is a highlight. All wonderful people; people I probably wouldn’t have met if not for the band.

What is your worst tour experience?
: Our aforementioned tour with Dogs on Acid (RIP) was one of the most enjoyable experiences we’ve ever had, but over the course of a two week tour only ONE other band on the line up had a woman in. Some of these shows had 5-6 bands on the bill, it’s utterly disgraceful that the promoters didn’t think about showing this band from the US a true representation of the scene, instead mindlessly putting together line ups full of indulgent blokes who were fans of the members of Dogs on Acid’s previous bands.  

Who has the most disgusting habits on the tour bus? And what is it?
: ‘Bus’.
Nicola: I dunno we’re all pretty respectful but we do talk about poop a lot.
Jake: We all take it in turns to do gross farts. We're a real band y'know, not like those bands on the radio. They've never had a shit in their lives.
Dean: Our trusty steed, the fart bus.

What can we expect from this tour? Is it mostly focused on the new album or will you be throwing some oldies into the set?
: We’ll mostly be playing the new songs because they’re the most exciting to play and we wanna get them out into people’s ears live. There will be some oldies in there though, writing setlists is hard because we love all of our songs :~)
Jake: Maybe a cover too. But you'll have to come to a show to find out if that's true or not.

You are off to SXSW again this year, apart from yourself are they any bands playing you reckon everyone should go check out?
: Our friends from the UK Big Joanie are playing so everyone should check them out!