Premiere: Callum Pitt - 'Rabbits' and 'Away From The Rousing Parade' (Live Sessions)

Ahead of the promise of brand new material, Callum Pitt reveals two live performance videos for his captivating singles, ‘Rabbits’ and ‘Away From The Rousing Parades’ filmed at Blank Studios, Newcastle.

In addition to gearing up to release his debut EP, Callum Pitt and his band will be playing more live shows this year, including performing at festivals such as The Great Escape,  Deer Shed Festival, and This Is Tomorrow, with more announcements to come later on in the year. Speaking on playing more live dates and playing with his full band setup, Callum explains:

“We're all absolutely buzzing about getting out and around the country  playing the new songs, having only played out of Newcastle a couple of times  before this year.It’ll be an amazing experience playing our first run of summer festivals too, totally can't wait!”.

Watch the live sessions for ‘Rabbits’ and Away From The Arousing Parades’ below!