Artist Of The Week #0075 - Fil Bo Riva

Fil Bo Riva_Press Picture_9290_Credit Juliane Spaete.jpg

This week’s Artist of the Week is Fil Bo Riva, who has just released his debut album ‘Beautiful Sadness’, he took a moment to talk to us about the release.

What made you move from Rome to Berlin? 
I always wanted to be fluent in English and it was the time were I started doing music and the Beatles were my biggest idols... so I just thought moving to an English speaking country would be a good idea. So I it.

What is your favorite thing about Berlin?
I was always very inspired by the freedom Berlin has. The first time I came here I was attracted to the city because of the difference it has compared to Rome or Dublin or other cities in Europe I had been to. The bars were open all night long, you could smoke inside and everybody seemed to do something interesting in life.

Where was your album recorded? Any behind the scenes stories? 
The album was recorded in Berlin. We mainly worked in Robbies studio in Kreyzberg but we also did some of the recordings in a bigger recording studio with a proper analog vintage mixer. Some songs and instruments were also recorded at home. So it was a bit of trying out different things and seeing what works best... in the end it all actually did.

The album is called ‘Beautiful Sadness’, what does that mean to you? 
The title ‘Beautiful Sadness’ came to my mind after going through all the finished lyrics of the album songs. I was going through everything I wrote to see if I could find something that inspired me and I actually found it. It instantly captured my attention and I thought it somehow connected all the songs I wrote, lyrically and sound-wise. It was the perfect title for the vision I was following and everything I wanted to express. 

Where have you drawn inspiration from on this album? Are there any ideas you are glad you explored? 
My biggest inspiration was always and still is love. Everything I go through personally and everything that comes into my life helps me create something. Every experience I make and every positive or negative thing about a relationship gives me something that somehow inspires me.

The album is out now, what next? What are your plans for the next few months? 
We are going on tour. We are finally going to present all the album songs to the people. We are finally going to play songs that people will know. Until now for example people only knew a handful of our songs since that was all we released... but now it will finally be a very different experience. We can’t wait!