Live Review: Young The Giant - Orpheum, Vancouver 04/03/2019


Indie-rock icons Young The Giant stopped in at Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre on their North American tour. The band put on an unforgettable show that we had to see to believe.

As house lights dulled, the atmosphere froze in anticipation, temptation if you will, for Young The Giant to bring their eclectic sound to Vancouver’s grand Orpheum Theatre. A venue, if you ask me, is destined for their music, dressed head to toe in magic and purely awaiting their arrival.

Opening with Oblivion, the five piece quickly became accustomed to screams of “I LOVE YOU” and the constant click of cameras - this was a show to hold on to. And as the night extended, the desire to stay only grew larger, with tracks such as Titus Was Born and Heat of the Summer proving as some favourites amongst the list of praised renditions.

Their songs echoed round every bend, through silhouettes until the vibrations hit you right in the chest. It was both a grand show and a personal one, with every set of eyes fixated forward and no where else.

‘We all think crazy, beautiful, ugly things in our heads, that’s what unites us,’ lead singer Sameer Gadhia expresses how ‘it’s that part that no one can take away (from us) but something we should all share more often.’

It is favourable track Firelight that follows next, ringing lyrics like ’is this the end of the road? Falling in deep, lost in a dream’ to a sea of lights as every fan pulls out their phone’s flashlight. It’s moments like these that every band wishes for, yet one that Young The Giant experience far too often - a moment of magic amongst the madness.

Mirror Mirror is a masterpiece and one that is loved by all at Orpheum tonight. Unravelling in delicate layers, each track from the bright and shiny new record is welcomed with open arms, yet fans also rejoice in visiting older loves such as Silvertongue and Cough Syrup.

And at the end of the night, as the last few notes from My Body ring out, the band give their praise too. Presenting fans down front with set lists, drum sticks and all with a smile - a band so gracious and thankful, their energy is bounced between fans. Until next time.

Words and photography by Alice Hadden