Introducing #0081 - Claudia Bouvette


Let us introduce you to Quebec based pop artist Claudia Bouvette, who has just released her debut single ‘Cool It’. She took a moment to talk to us about the track. 

You are based in Quebec, what are your favorite places to go have fun there? 
Montreal is super fun, especially during the summer. I love to hang out with friends in parks around the city, find new coffee shops to write songs and walk up the Saint-Laurent street and do all the coolest thrift shops.

Your new single ‘Cool It’ is out now, what is the track about? 
This song is about how for the first time in my life, I felt truly free in a relationship where both agreed on sharing lives with no strings attached. I was comfortable in that healthy distance and didn’t need more, but it ended up not being the same on the other side. Cool It is about taking it easy and letting things flow.

It is our first taste of your new EP, when is that out? What can we expect from it? 
The EP is due June 12th. Can’t wait !!! We just shot the second music video and I’m super excited about it. I’d say you can expect it to be really colorful. Each song has its own story and universe. But it’s mostly about love experiences mixed to 80’s synth sounds to blend it all.

’Cool It’ was produced by Connor Seidel and Beau Diakowicz, how did that partnership come about? 
Well, Connor & me met about a year and a half ago at Cult Nation back in Montreal, and it just instantly connected. We spent a lot of time together and he completely got the direction I wanted for the project and it just came naturally. A month later we already had near to 30 demos. As for Cool It, it was in the last songs we wrote together, and Beau Diakowicz was part of that last stretch in which were created 4 of the 8 EP songs. So he really is a big part of those tracks as well. 

What would you say are your top musical inspirations? 
James Blake for his audacity with rhythmic changes that I love so much. Definitely Niki & The Dove for its 80’s vibe that is soooo refreshing and nostalgic. Forever Bon Iver because this band carried me through my youth and is a huge part of my passion for music. 

Now the track is out, what next?
A freaking sweet EP with 7 new tracks that I can’t wait to release!  Let’s see what life brings me after! ☺