Introducing #0082 - Tungz

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Let us introduce you to Bristol based Tungz, who have just released their new single ‘My Baby Can Stand Being Alone’, which is a brilliant piece of low-fi pop. We had a chat with them about about the track and all things Bristol. 

How did Tungz come into existence? How did you all meet and decide to start a band?
The four of us were in different funk bands as students in Bristol. Lots of fun times hanging out, playing long shows at late night functions. Sometimes even at Jamie and Rick’s house parties. We didn’t really want to live in the real world after that so we stuck around and starting making music as Tungz.

You are based in Bristol, where is your pub of choice? Who gets the first roind in?
Whenever we’re together we’re normally just really hungry because we forget to eat before our shows. So we’d like our pub of choice to be Luna Express Pizza in Stokes Croft, which is mainly where we hang out these days. It’s also right across the street from where we played our first ever gig together.

Your new single ‘My Baby Can Stand Being Alone’ is out now, where was it recorded? What is the track about? 
We recorded it all in our basement at home in Stokes Croft, Bristol. Except for the bass which we recorded in Ollie’s bedroom. It’s a sorta groovy moody song acknowledging that someone can do what they want, but hoping they still wanna hang out. And then the realisation that if someone is capable of doing anything, that includes them being fine without you.

What sort of music do you listen to? Does it influence the sound of Tungz
Our roots are in the old school funk music we used to play together. We love home producers and people who do their own thing without worrying about what’s popular. We’re still into all the old groovy stuff but the fact that we ended up recording at home probably had the biggest impact on what we sound like.

Now the track is out, what next? What are your plans for the next few months?
We’re releasing our first ever EP through Jamz Supernova’s label Future Bounce. So more songs and videos than ever before! Then we’re playing headline shows in October in Bristol and London to celebrate.

Catch Tungz live at the following dates -

25th May - Dot-to-Dot Festival - Bristol
4th July - Moth Club, w/ Donny Benét - London
5th October - Exchange - Bristol
18th October - The Pickle Factory - London
19th - Wild Paths Festival - Norwich