Introducing #0083 - The Paranoyds

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Let us introduce you to Los Angeles based rock four piece The Paranoyds, who are the newest signing for Suicide Squeeze. They recently released a new two-track - ‘Hungry Sam/Trade Our Sins’, which is out now and due to be released on vinyl on the 12th July. We had a chat with them about their new label and their favorite places to hang out in Los Angeles. 

The Paranoyds are based in Los Angeles, what is your favorite places to go hang out in the city? 
The city is real big, so definitely depends on what part of town we’re in. We love seeing shows at the Echo in Echo Park, eating Mexican food at Los Anaya in West Adams—our rehearsal space is in Culver City so we’re there a few times a week (in theory )

How did they band come into existence? 
We decided we were ready to take our friendship to the next level! We’ve been playing music together for over three years now and are stoked to be releasing a lot of new music this year.

Your new single ‘Trade Our Sins’ is out now, what is the track about? 
It’s a bratty, romantic, country waltz—a ballad to dance to at the end of the world.

Where was it recorded? Any behind the scenes stories?
We recorded Trade Our Sins, as well as our whole debut album at Stationhouse Recording with Mark Rains. Ah, if we recounted all the amazing memories we experienced while recording, we’d have to write a novel. We’re convinced Mark is really a wizard because he’s amazingly good at what he does. He has a pup named Darkness, who is like your old lady neighbor who is a little bit crabby but has a heart of gold.

With Trade Our Sins specifically, we sort of decided to record it on a whim since it’s a really old song of ours. We had so much fun playing around with sounds and ideas. For example, the whistles at the end were something we added in at the last second (Laila and David are the pro-whistlers, if you were curious) and now it’s hard to imagine the song without it!

You have recently signed to Suicide Squeeze, how did that partnership come about? 
We’ve always been a huge fan of Suicide Squeeze’s roster, so we were really stoked when they reached out to us. We’ve always been a little reluctant to sign with a label for fear that we’d losing creative control; we’ve always been a very DIY band since the beginning. David and Meg at Suicide Squeeze are always reassuring us that they’re fans of what we’re already doing and are here to support us, but at the same time, they’re amazing collaborators which is something we really value.

What bands and artists would you say have inspired the band the most? 
Devo, Television, B-52s, X, The Breeders, and to be honest, Franz Ferdinand.