Introducing #0084 - Delacey


Let us introduce you to L.A. based artist Delacey, who earlier this month released the video for her debut single ‘My Man’. We had a chat with her about the release. 

Where was the video for ‘My Man’ filmed? 
Topanga Canyon we had the most insane view of Malibu but it was terrifying getting to the location 

It was directed by Jessie Hill, how did the partnership come about?
I met a lot of directors but when I met Jessie we instantly connected on a deep level.

What is the track about? 
There was seriously a beautiful supermodel trying to steal my boyfriend and I came into the studio super emotional/fired up that day.

Your childhood was filled with the likes of Stevie Nicks and Billie Holiday, what are your favorite songs from your childhood? 
That’s such a tough question. Tracy Chapman’s “fast car” is a lyrical masterpiece and definitely inspired me as a child to get into songwriting.

Do you feel it shaped your musical style? 
It showed me how insanely honest a biographical a song can feel 

You are playing a number of festival over the summer, which ones are you looking forward to the most?
Outsidelands!! Because it’s in my home state.