Live Review: Maisie Peters - Scala, London 01/05/2019

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After the release of her new single ‘Favourite Ex’, Maisie Peters headlines a sold out show at London’s Scala.  

Before the doors had even opened there were queues of people circling the building. Fans waited for hours with some even traveling from as far as America just to be there! That’s dedication.

Singer songwriter Plested kicked off the night. He explained that his duty as a warm up act was to warm up the vocal chords of the crowd and he knew just how. Audience participation was a big YES as he got the whole room to sing along with his ear pleasing, acoustic pop rhythms. A guitar and a voice was all it took to capture the crowd’s hearts. His set flew by and before long the last song was over - nobody wanted to see him go.

The band took to the stage to the sound of The Spice Girls Wannabe (an excellent choice) and suddenly the room was filled with the recognisable  inrto beat of ‘In My Head’, the first track of her 2018 album. I could see her just off stage jumping around, psyching herself up before skipping across the stage through a wave of screams and cheers. 

Maisie Peters sure can hold a room with her self-named ‘Emo Girl Pop’. Fairy light adorned mic stands, big floor rugs and atmospheric mood lighting added to the warmth and intimacy of the performance. Before starting the next song Peters explained that it was one of the few she’s written where she paints love and relationships in a positive light. This mid-set tone change up was greeted positively as the room quickly became filled with the glow of torchlights and the haunting sound of a lonesome piano as she began to play ‘Feels Like This’

At the age of 18, most could only dream of selling out a show to over 800 people, yet she took it in her stride like a true seasoned pop star. 

Her music is so deeply personal but equally as lighthearted and fun, if this is the beginning I can’t wait to see where her journey will lead. 

Words and Photography by Milly McAlister

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