Live Review: Alessia Cara - Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver 27/05/2019

AlessiaCara-Queen Elizabeth-Vancouver_ALICE HADDEN_DSC_5613.jpg

For some, it was a regular Monday night in Vancouver, but for Alessia Cara it was the last night of her The Pains of Growing tour and a night that thousands have been eagerly waiting for.

Fans jump at the first sighting; the unveiling of her beautifully designed set that features an elegant bed frame, a make-shift bar and a couch I’d happily dive on to. A light beam sets down on the cosy piece of furniture, where Alessia perches dressed in a wonderfully yellow suit. She appears in a state of calm - the opposite to which her fans are currently in, rather, a state of shock and disbelief.

Screams erupt from every corner, bodies frantically dash up and down steps in hope of getting closer to the singer whilst others go for the more subtle wave approach, wishing their hand will be met by another from stage, “you guys are awesome, this is amazing” says Alessia as she begins her third song.

Introducing Wherever I Live, the singer explains that “when I started in this industry, I was a confused teenage girl not knowing what was going on with my life, spending it in different hotels in very strange cities; I was losing the sense of home for a while. I realized whilst writing this song that home can be anywhere, as long as you have a strong core of who you are then you can make anywhere your home.” She admits it is a cheesy testament, however, that doesn’t stop it from being true.

Bringing out guest Tyler Shaw (whom is from Vancouver), the pair perform an incredible duet for I Don’t Want You. Their angelic voices form hypnotic harmonies that bounce off the acoustic background before the set fades to black. How Far I’ll Go is a proven favourite and even Alessia knows this, “everyone loves Disney and it seems everyone knows this song because of that, I’m sorry to all of the parents that were forced to see the Disney film this featured in and are now here because of that song - but you’re the best parents” she adds.

The show quickly becomes a place for her fans to feel everything and anything they want/need to. As Alessia admits herself to having felt heartbreak, alone, happy, scared etc. It shows that she is an idol to her fans and doesn’t intend to waste or abuse that power, instead using it to both confide in and support them. An outstanding performance that transfers as a safe space, Alessia Cara is a must-see show.

Words and photos by Alice Hadden