Premiere: Little Pale - 'The Way You Used To Be'

Little Pale (PressPic).jpg

South East London artist Little Pale is due to release her new single ‘The Way You Used To Be’ this Friday, she had a chat with us about the track, and we are also delight to give you an exclusive listen.

The track is called ‘The Way You Used To Be’, what is it about?
Its an address to society and culture, the way it used to be. Technology has been great for businesses and for people meeting/keeping in touch, but it has also taken mystery and poignancy out of the human experience. Now you can ‘DM’ the person you met last night when you forgot to get their number, rather than lightly daydreaming about what could have been - which in some cases might have been better...

You are based in South East London, do you have a favorite place to go chill?
I am really bad at remembering names of cool places I have been. There is the Hither Green Railway & Social club that I would love to hang out in if I had a bit more facial hair and drank Guinness.

Where does the name Little Pale come from? 
The name Little Pale comes from the fact I stand about five foot tall and am naturally very, very pale.

In your mid 20s, you started writing poetry, do you have a favorite poet? 
I don’t have a favourite poet as such, I guess I tend to write it more than I read it. Though I love watching spoken word artists live as it’s so raw and captivating.