The Artist Explains: Hein Cooper - 'Hijack'

Hein Cooper talks to us about his brooding single and visuals for ‘Hijack’. ‘Hijack’ is taken from Hein Cooper’s new album ‘Underneath It All’, due for release 14th June 2019 via Antifragile Music.

Where was the video for ‘Hijack’ filmed? 
In Montreal, Canada in a big empty studio room outside the city. It's real cheap to make anything here in Canada and that gives freedom to these kinds of things. 

How does the video connect with the song?

The song is about someone coming into your world who is foreign and seems dangerous, however ends up being very helpful and breaks an ongoing cycle. The video is full of darkness, and this temptress is revealed  in the darkness who invites me into her world of lasers and colour. She distorts my reality and opens it up to be perceived in a new light. 

Do you have any behind the scenes stories you could share with us? 
I shot the video with my girlfriend who features as the temptress. We had a bunch of fun making it one night with our friend Lawrence Dupuis and accompanied with some cheap champagne. 

What do you hope people take away from watching the video? 
I want people most importantly to become enchanted by the video. I am essentially looking for those moments in my art where people are hopefully inspired and ignited in their minds in a new way that makes them feel human. I want them to feel love and wholesomeness

Interview feature by Karla Harris