Live Review: A R I Z O N A - Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver 05/06/2019

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Wednesday night saw New Jersey based band, A R I Z O N A bring their infectious buoyant pop sound to Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom.

The show, that fans had long awaited, instantly kicked into action as lights were dimmed; the band leapt on in an outburst of excitement. Roaring screams could be heard from outside the venue and the set list unfolded in to an energetic filled chaos - something that has become the norm for this trio.

Members Nate Esquite (guitarist), David Labuguen (keys), and Zach Hannah (vocals) dance together, hyping one another up as they sway in unison.

‘Feed The Beast’ is a fan favourite, so it seemed. It’s timely beat-drop and catchy rhythms allow fans to unleash, let go if you will - and so, hands shot up, phones recorded, feet didn’t touch the floor. A song that proves bigger live, with more power behind it in person.

Three tracks in, the show had only just begun yet water breaks were already needed. Some quickly dashed to the bar whilst others simply couldn’t leave as ‘Find Someone’ started to echo around. Friends jump together for this slick pop song, arms around their waists as they shout the lyrics to stage. One group however, appear to be shouting to each other as if in heartbreak, ‘you'll find someone, find someone who loves you better’ suddenly becomes an eruptive note.

The crowd are too loud, rowdy and in a frenzied state for Zach to properly disclose the new song ‘Nostalgic’. After attempting to explain the band’s devotion and love for their fans and music, eventually, he must give up and laughs ‘ok we’re just gonna play it, this one is called Nostalgic.’

Many hit tracks follow - such as ‘I Was Wrong’, ‘Oceans Away’ - and the set is closed with ‘Freaking Out,’ one that gives the chance for a last hurrah. The calm yet piercing anthem is met by thankful fans as the night had truly felt like a dream.

Words and Photography by Alice Hadden

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