Introducing #0086 - Wes Reeve


Let us introduce you to Los Angeles singer-songwriter Wes Reeve, who has just dropped her mesmerizing debut single ‘Honey, I’. She took a moment to talk to us about the single and her love for Studio Ghilibi films. 

Your single ‘Honey, I’ is out now, what is the track about? 
‘Honey, I’ is about watching someone you love self-destruct and there’s nothing you can do to help them. It’s about how powerful the mind is and how you can be looking at a beautiful, peaceful field and someone else can see a dark and menacing forest in the same place. 

Based in Los Angeles, what is your favorite part about the city? 
My favorite part about the city is all the inspiring and unique things you can do at any given time, like go to Cinespia or all the indie theaters or visiting Huntington Gardens or 626 night market, there is always something so cool and creative to go to. 

You are a huge fan of Studio Ghilbi, firstly how did you get into those films? Secondly which ones are your favorite and why? 
My friend Esther introduced me to Studio Ghibli years ago when she named her dog Howl for Howl’s Moving Castle. I hadn’t seen it, so we watched it and I was so stunned by the absolute beauty and creativity and storytelling, I get awestruck even thinking about it now. I love drawing from other amazing art forms for my music because seeing other people’s creativity just inspires me so much. They’re all so good but I really love Spirited Away because the storyline is so poignant and I love Haku and Chihiro. I feel like there are so many lessons within it and also the artwork is mind blowing like all the movies. Haha I could actually talk about these movies all day! 

When writing songs, what do you use for inspiration? 
Like I mentioned earlier, I love drawing from any type of creative work, like video games (Zelda, I’m obsessed with Breath of the Wild right now), movies (Studio Ghibli, Disney; my sister shows me all these amazing directors, like recently she showed me Ari Aster’s films and David Lynch years ago as well), fashion (Alexander McQueen and way more), and music (Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and way more to even mention). I get inspired by other people’s creativity and their stories and bring that to my song writing as well as all my personal life experiences. 

Now the single is out there, what next? What are your plans for the next few months?
I’ve been writing and working on these songs for years and years, so I have a ton of songs I really love lined up. Im going to be releasing another single very soon in the next four to five weeks and an album later this year or early next year. I really love all these songs and they embody my personality and myself so perfectly, I can’t wait for everyone to hear them!