The Band Explains: Pencey Sloe - 'All Ok'

French dreamgaze newcomers Pencey Sloe talk to us about their aesthetically gripping music video for, 'All Ok', taken from their forthcoming debut album, ‘Don't Believe, Watch Out,’ due for release September 27th 2019.

Where was the video for 'All Ok' was filmed?
We filmed in a beautiful house in Etretat, in the north of France in Normandy, by the sea. It is a small town lined with monumental cliffs. Many great French painters and writers participated in its notoriety.

Could you tell us about the imagery that was used in the film?
It becomes a little redundant to quote David Lynch for our generation, but it is an imagery that we cling on and we like to use. I also like Marguerite Duras’ "Blue Eyes, Black Hair". On the theme is the impossible desire and the search for happiness that is sometimes impossible to achieve. The story takes place in the north of France near a large beach and rocks. There is also my attachment to the work of Salinger, Holden and his red cap. 

Do you have any behind the scenes stories you can share with us?
Nothing special happened, not even a ghost came to visit this big house, too bad.

What was the experience like working with video director Ben Berserker?
Ben is a long time friend, so no big surprises! He is a listener, gentle and open to ideas, mixing with his. He is above all very professional and I have a blind faith in him. He is one of the best people we could work with. 

How does the video connect with the song?
Sometimes we try to be different, to be a better version of ourselves or totally different. It is necessary to please, to transform oneself, to hide oneself, even to fade away. That's how it is today, it does not matter and it's ok, most of us have accepted it, and we even encourage it in a sad way. It was necessary to express this notion of erasure in our daily life, remaining poetic and sweet, because it's fine, it's the way people live now.

Interview by Karla Harris