The Artist Explains: Cameron AG - 'Headlights'

Oxford based multi-instrumentalist Cameron AG talks to us about his charming animated visuals for powerful indie pop single, ‘Headlights’.

How did you come up with the idea to create an animated video for 'Headlights'? 
It was by chatting with a couple of directors/artists. Stefano who made the video seemed to get the song better than anyone. He mention ‘curious night  animals’ and I was sold. 

 How does the story in the animation connect with the song?
The video builds like the song does. The animals slowly start to wake up and come to life at night. Then it all kicks off half way through. Then they all fall asleep again. A bit like the song does. 

 Do you have any behind the scenes stories you can share with us?
I do, the bits I’m in are shot with a green screen behind me. Stefano is based in Italy so me and my good friend Jason shot my parts in the UK. I ordered a green screen that came all folded and full of creases. We had to give it a good iron. Whilst it was on the ironing board I spilt beer all over it. We then had to get the hair dryer out.

 Could you tell us about the ideas/themes/imagery used?
The animals getting up to all sorts at night came from Stefano. We both came up with the lighthouse idea and that set the scene for the video to be based out at sea. 

 Is there a message the video is trying to convey?
That night animals have the right idea. Stay out the way of us humans. 

Interview by Karla Harris