Savage Moods – ‘Lucid Dream’

Savage Moods release the savage beast of a song that is ‘Lucid Dream’.

‘Lucid Dream’ is the latest offering from Minneapolis three-piece Savage Moods. From their debut album ‘Dark Matter’, it is one of the heavier, darker and frantic songs the band has written. It’s hard rocker, but there is a punk edge. The opening is like Black Flag, with the rumbling drums and booming bass line, followed by the guitar riff that quirky in its runs but packs a punch. Guitarist Benjamin Hovorka could have stolen this riff from Greg Ginn – it’s that good. Also, there’s a cool surf vibe in Hovorka’s tone with the slap back delay and the use of high notes, rather than the bass notes favoured by Greg. So, in this sense, East Bay Ray has given Benjamin some tone tips!

Hovorka’s vocals remind me of Plague Vendor, in the tone of his voice and pace of the words in the verse. Listen to the line “And now I’m falling down, down, down through the ground” before the chorus, and you’ll know where I’m coming from. Anthony Gore’s drums cut through the song and keep the beat going like a well-oiled machine, while you can feel James Osterholt’s bass lines pulse through your body even through the speakers!

‘Lucid Dreams’ a superb slice of rock n’ roll that is diverse in manner. It could have been released in 1980 along side Dead Kennedys and Black Flag, but the way in which Savage Moods play as a trio is similar to Yak’s debut, and maybe even Wolfmother’s too. Make sure you don’t miss out if you love heavy guitar music. 

Words of Matthew Brocklehurst