The Band Explains: Vinyl Staircase - 'Sidewalk!'

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Dorking quartet Vinyl Staircase have just released their new single ‘Sidewalk!’, they took a moment to talk us through the visuals of the track (which included a lot of pubs) and their plans for the next few months. 

Your new track ‘Sidewalk’ is out now, what is the track about? 
“Sidewalk!’ is about being paranoid whilst listening to music late at night because you can’t hear the footsteps coming up behind you. Tap… Tap… Tap… 

 When people listen to the track, what do you hope they take from it? 
Total elation and a need to purchase stacks of our merchandise & records.

The song has quite a quirky video, where was the video filmed? And what was the inspiration behind it? 
The video was filmed in our hometown, the inspiration behind it being to capture George’s overwhelming ego, that grows at a disgusting rate everyday.

Any behind the scenes stories from the video that you are willing to share? 
To be honest it was just a lot of people sat in the local graveyard waiting for their two seconds of fame. In true rock n roll style, there was one horrific accident involving a plant pot and one of our extras… the plant pot is no more. (The extra is alive and well).

There is a number of pubs featured in the video, did you stop in every one? And what is your go to drink of choice? 
We made an effort to enter each and every establishment that sold alcohol that day, we had a 12 foot long Jager train rocking the Kings Arms bar. 
Drink of choice: A nice cold Pint.

What are your plans for the next few months?
We’re currently recording our next EP, which we are recording in our own studio space. Announcing a run of shows for October time in the next couple of weeks, following our support slot with FUR at Scala. Luke is trying to read more books, Jake is learning French, George is trying his best to become a fantasy football legend (plays wildcard far too early) and Mike is attempting to gain the slightest shred of respect from his fellow band members.

Live Dates
5th Sept –Willingham, In-store at Beyond the Download
25th Sept –London, Scala, London w/ FUR
7th Oct -Southampton, heartbreakers*
8th Oct -Bristol, Louisiana*
10th Oct -Bedford, Esquires*
11th Oct -London, Old blue last*
12th Oct -Reading, Face Bar*
4thDec –London, The Waiting Room (DIY presents) w/ John Eatherly
28thDec –Reading, Purple Turtle*supporting Valeras

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