Live Review: Childcare - The Horn, London 05/09/2019

In support of their debut album “Wabi-sabi”, Childcare stopped off in St Albans for an experience that really did get to all of the senses… no, really.

Before I explain how they managed to achieve that, there were the supports. The night started off with a handful of people, to which FRAMATICS greeted with a roaring set. The alternative four-piece have created a buzz online whilst only having released one single, and tonight showed why. Front-woman Madeleine Todd’s powerful voice clearly resonated up to the bar upstairs, as the crowd had doubled by the end of their set. 

Next up were local band Wiink, a band many were clearly here to see specifically. This being their ‘farewell’ gig in St Albans before setting off up north for uni, they came on to huge cheers. The joy of the crowd was clearly reciprocated on the bands faces, with huge smiles all around. Things ended with an emotional rendition of single “Grassman”, with crowd participation aplenty. 

While waiting for Childcare to take centre stage, a diffuser was placed at the front. This may have gone completely unnoticed in many venues, but this is where the intimacy of The Horn welcomes such a touch. Making it quite possibly one of the best smelling gigs around, the band were ready. 

Frontman Ed Cares has the unique ability of performing in a calm way, yet brimming with energy at the same time. Going through a collection of songs from their recently released LP, the band took a moment to get closer with the crowd. Bassist Emma Topolski took lead mic to take everyone on a spiritual journey, whilst the rest of the band proceeded to go around the crowd and asking them to take a sweet. Emma then proceeded with a breathing exercise, which involved using all five senses to fully take in the sweet. This was more than just a gig, it was a whole experience for the body and mind. 

After feeling more together with the fans, the band jumped seamlessly back in to the music with ‘Put down your pen’. The business end of the night came as Ed declared “We don’t do encores, so this really is us saying goodbye” before playing crowd favourite ‘Film Club’. Childcare are playing their biggest headline to date in December, as they take on Scala. After tonight’s sensual embodiment, you’d be a fool to miss it, I’ll be there for sure.

Words and Photography by James Baker

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