Normandie - ‘Ecstasy’


Ecstasy’ is certainly the right word to describe our feelings as we listen to the new single from Normandie.

It’s a new chapter for Swedish rockers Normandie, as they give us the first flavour of their forthcoming sophomore album with ‘Ecstasy’. Soaring vocals and heart-pounding riffs bring a groundbreaking rock sound to the track that is sure to propel the band to new heights. 

There’s an undeniable electricity running underneath this new track, as Normandie return with immense riffs and more fire than ever. Apprehensive electronics begin the track, but you’re soon grounded as the drums join in with a steady beat. From there onwards, it’s a steady building towards the chorus as different instrumental layers join in gradually. Spine-tingling harmonies complement Philip Strand’s velvety vocals, making you feel a whole host of emotions you didn’t even know was possible. As the claps kick in for the chorus, it creates a rousing atmosphere that would not sound out of place in arenas. For me, the first time we hear the chorus is reminiscent of the beginning of ‘Fight’, the opening track to their debut album, in both its use of claps and the stirring energy that is created. All of the instrumentals drop out at the end of the first chorus, only to return a split second later with a vengeance that will sweep you off your feet and knock all the breath out of you. Strand’s exposed vocals during this time proves again why he is a vocalist to keep an eye out for, as he effortlessly hits stratospheric notes and make you feel pure bliss. The crushing instrumental hook after the chorus is absolutely colossal, and you won’t be able to resist the energy searing through the section. 

The heavy instrumentals are matched by equally hard-hitting lyricism, as the band hold nothing back in their confrontational lyrics. Beginning with ‘I’m gonna call it out for what it is’, the rough edge tinting Strand’s voice in the chorus provides the perfect delivery of these lines, and there’s something irresistible about the raw emotion underlining the track. There’s an important message to be taken away as well, with the line ‘Stand your ground if you’ve got something to say’, and we are definitely standing our ground when we say that this track will blow your mind with its explosive melodies. Normandie are done playing nice, and they are here to storm through your world with their explosive rock melodies.

Words by Athena Kam

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