The Band Explains: Lydia - 'Let It Cover Me Up'

Arizona indie-rockers Lydia  speak to us about their Wes Anderson inspired visuals for 'Let It Cover Me Up' taken for their newly released LP, 'Liquor'.
Lydia allow their listener to dance with their demons in, 'Let It Cover Me Up' by combining brooding and eerie textures with a subtle bouncy hook, making for a dark yet thoroughly enjoyable listening experience. 

Where was the video for 'Let It Cover Me Up' filmed?
We filmed this video in the Los Angeles area, using a few of our favourite small gems of spots we’ve found over time

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
We started with the idea of doing a creepy Wes Anderson type of vibe and the ideas and story morphed around in and out of that myself and Adam concurred up different odd scenes and scenarios. The bar scene was my personal favourite make up team really killed it with the girls and outfits.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Not sure about stories besides me just laughing and surprised most of the set at how many people were all running around doing things to a song I wrote in my room. 

Is there a message the video is trying to convey?
We’ve never been a message kind of band we hope you are entertained and it makes you feel things. Hence why we called the record 'Liquor', it makes you feel things on a lot of different spectrums and in different ways.

Interview Feature by Karla Harris