Maria Kelly - 'June'

Critically acclaimed Irish artist Maria Kelly makes another affecting statement with heartbreakingly unassuming new single, ‘june’ out now  via Veta Records.

We were introduced to the music of Maria Kelly just over two years ago off the back of her beautiful single ‘Black & Blue’. Since then, Kelly has become one of my favourite go-to artists to soundtrack the moments of my life when I’m alone and on the move; travelling on the tube, or catching a train, or just going for a long reflective walk.

The thing about Kelly’s is that no matter how familiar you are with her beautiful, hushed vocal, the intimacy of her lyrics, or her subtle indie folk arrangements, you’re never quite prepared for the magnitude of the emotional response that hits every time you play one of her songs. Maria Kelly has mastered the less is more art of creating atmospheric and affecting songs that quietly creep into your heart and consistently knock the wind out of you and that’s a really special talent to have.

’june’ is the first song to be taken from Kelly’s upcoming EP, ‘notes to self’ which is an EP that documents Kelly' relocating to Berlin from her home of Dublin and overcoming the discomfort of having to start over in a new city. ‘june’ opens familiarily with Kelly’s touching finger picking, ambient use of subtle electronica and her vulnerable yet completely overwhelming vocal.

As expected, ‘june’ sees Kelly wear her heart on her sleeve, and in turn, the track’s production grows to include its own thudding heartbeat in its textures as Kelly builds on the track’s fragile bones with darker, more abrupt sonic elements that fit in nicely with the idea of anxiety and feeling lost and out of place. In fact, some of the textures feel like flittering yet soothing, wordless responses to Kelly’s lyrics which helps lift the weight of loneliness from the song.

Kelly’s brand of humble, melancholic indie folk bravely spills secrets and painful truths into the world that can be adapted, understood and shared by many of her listeners. I guess that’s where her true power lies; in her gentleness, her unsheltered thought processes, and her no frills production that benevolently bleeds beauty with the most meticulous of touches.

Words of Karla Harris